Still with the Giants…

I’ve been pondering deeply on all those ideas mentioned in my last post, and the comments which followed it.  New thoughts and quotes continue to arrive from all quarters, backing up and validating the conclusions towards which I’ve been fumbling my way.

If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at the last couple of posts I’ve written.  (You can navigate back with the left-pointing arrow at the end of this or check them here – 1st and here – 2nd.)  They seem to have formed themselves into some kind of trilogy and this won’t make so much sense without its predecessors.

English: Portrait of John Milton in National P...

John Milton, National Portrait Gallery, London (detail) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very quick recap:

  • The 17th century poet, John Milton, had told us of the anarchic potentials of untamed ether which, according to his Muse, preceded creation and held ’embrion atoms’.
  • Centuries later, the great Nikola Tesla offered a markedly similar picture. His ‘ponderable atoms’ could be drawn from ether, ‘a tenuous fluid, filling all space’ by way of a spinning motion.
  • Tesla’s contemporary, Max Planck, also concluded that matter, as such, did not exist.  It was drawn into being and maintained ‘only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together’.
Solaris with its two suns.

These Giants paint a very different picture of our Cosmos to the one we have grown up with.  Are our solid, dependable teapots, desks, pets and trees this temporary and transient?  Is the spinning motion of some force drawing them out of the ether, and – should it stop the spinning – depositing them back into that ocean of unformed possibility?  I’m reminded of images from the 1972 film Solaris, in case any of you have seen it, where thoughts from the mind of an individual are drawn into three-dimensional reality from an orange gloop on the surface of a mythical planet.  (Just the images, I hasten to emphasise, before someone tries to engage me in a dialogue on Stansilaw Lem’s philosophy, and not the dreadful George Clooney 2002 remake!) 

That brings me towards the second part of my Giants’ assertions: the idea that an intelligent, enlightened consciousness with sufficient experience is able to create anything from this etheric substance at will;  further, that WE are that consciousness.

So, I kind of promised you an answer, did I not?  An answer to how we can, and do, create our universe (or universes, if you adhere to that theory).  I said the scientists had failed to find this mechanism, because it was in a place they would never look.  I found it lurking in the Milton passage I quoted last time:

… hot, cold, moist, and dry, four champions fierce,
Strive here for mastery, and to battle bring
Their embryon atoms.

At first I glossed over that part, dismissing it as a casual reference to the four elements, perhaps.  Something, though – some hidden but insistent part of my consciousness – invited me to delve deeper.

English: Schematic showing the 4 humors or bod...

English: Schematic showing the 4 humors or body fluids. Schematic based on a picture from the book “The Seventy Great Inventions of the Ancient World by Brian M. Fagan” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Milton’s champions are not the elements – not in the way they’ve come down to us, at any rate.  They were a reference to what were called the Four Humours or Temperaments.  In modern parlance, these would be personality types.  Should you wish to know more, Wiki will tell you here.  They’d been an integral part of natural philosophy (aka science) since Hippocrates developed what was already an ancient idea into a kind of medical tool kit.  It all hinged on moods, emotions and the behaviours they caused.  Even the cautious Wikipedia acknowledges that these theories could have been around in Ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia.  And where did they get them?  If Edgar Cayce is to be believed, the Atlanteans fleeing their sinking lands brought their knowing (sorry, gnosis) to those shores.  And from whom did they receive it…?

Milton is not using the term in any medical sense.  He is describing the jostling for supremacy between these temperaments or emotions as the ‘harnessed energy’ which propels creation.



No wonder the idea ‘declined in popularity’ (Wikipedia again) as science became rational and empirical.  The last thing any self-respecting scientist wanted was for human feelings to get in the way of logic, mathematics and rigorous testing.  Not until the last century did physicists grudgingly have to admit that the human observer affected things in some way.

Take a look, for example at this rather wonderful little video.  I’d like you to focus your attention on the first few minutes – the bit before the flowers arrive.

(If you are accessing this from a source other than WordPress, you may need to look here for the film: )

Masuru Emoto showed us not only that water has memory, but that it responds to sentiments – emotional states.  This Stuttgart study shows how each individual has a unique signature.  Would these persist if the same people were tested on a different occasion, I wonder?  I suspect the signatures would remain recognisable but would vary.  I suspect this because I think what the water is picking up is the emotional signature of each individual.

If water can do so, how about ether?  My theory is that it is nothing more or less than our own emotional states which create the familiar environment within the 3D matrix that surrounds us.  There is a ‘base state’ common to all (except, perhaps some of the individuals our scientists classify as mentally ill or disordered) which results from a mass psyche – the Zeitgeist and its resultant reality.  Overlaid on that is individual perception – the way the world appears to each of us, depending on the emotions prevalent within us.  Thus someone who feels that the world is a hostile, unfriendly place will create that reality for herself, while a person who expects disappointment will find situations and events which result from the ‘spin’ he has put upon his life experience.

Does this sound slightly familiar?  The Law of Attraction?  The Secret?  All that New Age stuff??  What, though, if it’s absolutely true: not in a metaphorical sense or as an analogy or parable?  What if this is actually the way creation on our planet works?

One final group of Giants to turn to for some help with this.  It does involve something of a dimensional shift, but I’m sure you’ll cope fine with that.  I’m turning now to those who have chosen not to reincarnate as humans and enter into this emotionally charged etheric hurly-burly.  These aspects of consciousness are the patient, loving beings who send channelled messages to us from beyond our 3D state.

Here is Seth, in Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul:

…you create your larger environment and the physical world as you know it by propelling your thoughts and emotions into matter – a breakthrough into three-dimensional life.  The inner self, therefore, individually and en masse, sends its psychic energy out, forming tentacles that coalesce into form.

Graphics, Wallpaper, The Background, Decoration, HintAnd just a few weeks back, Higgins gave us this:

Humans exist within a 3-D matrix. Envision the matrix as a three dimensional spider’s web stretching infinitely in all directions. This spider’s web is a literal highway for transportation. All that you see around you enters and exits your life via this matrix highway. This happens because you are a magnetic vortex. Your emotions create a magnetic field around you that simultaneously draws and repels life’s experiences.

So there it is: my theory, with backup from the Giants, on how matter is created.

We don’t need to be shown how to do it – we already ARE.  If we look around and love the world we’ve made for ourselves, we have no more to do.  If, on the other hand, there are aspects we are not happy with…  Well there’s no point in blaming others or fate or life.  We are all that.  We simply need to, as Will suggested, become ‘experienced and sufficiently enlightened’ to harness the energy and what we create.  Then, Tesla says,

…old worlds would vanish and new ones would spring into being.




Where wondering leads…


Dream! (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

Be careful what you ask for!

I finished my last post by wondering how ‘real’ a dream had been.

Since then, I’ve been bombarded with messages from all directions – messages ‘reminding’ me (as we all have the truth within us already) how the worlds we dream interact with the world we believe ourselves to be living in.
So huge thanks to Paul and Suzy, Rory and Sarina, Cynthia and Bob and all the others who have unwittingly handed me pieces of the puzzle and helped me to slot it together.

Same Place – Different Frequencies


This one turns up everywhere – the analogy of self as a radio, able to receive all kinds of messages on different frequencies, depending which part we tune into.

Seth, via Jane Roberts, insisted that we are living many different lives at once but as we’re ‘tuned in’ to this one, we are normally unaware of the others.  Sometimes they come to us as fragments in deja vu, dreams, ‘past’ life regressions and so forth.

As I say, I’ve been receiving many reminders of that over the last few days, so perhaps I’d been ready to start experimenting with twiddling the dial a little more than I usually do: I was willing to take a glance at those other frequencies.

Switching Channels

Last night I was re-reading an amazing channelled response I had from The Council via Cynthia and Bob Dukes on their blog Ask The Council.  It concerned an alternate/past life with a young man I’ve worked with during this lifetime.  Here’s an extract in which the council explain how we worked together to teach telepathy to children in that other life:

ًQuartz Crystals.

“He was a young child who learned very quickly this [telepathic] communication and was a bridge, in the beginning, of her communicating with…the infants. And so they worked together to reach these children and then begin to… surrounded by clear quartz crystals… to magnify their vibration [and] receive the communications with these children. And because they [the children] were so recently departed from what we would consider the spiritual realm, they were very aware of this [communication].” …

“By raising the vibrations in these particular places where they worked with the children… they used crystals, sound, and music to reach the infants… and again we say, because these children were so recently leaving the spirit world, they were very aware of vibration, and spirit contact, and mind communication.”

This all made perfect sense to me.  The young man in question has – in this life – had a deep love of crystals since early childhood, and as a small child in a class of infants with speech and language difficulties, he was able to communicate telepathically with other children and taught me (the teacher) how to use this skill.  I won’t say we developed the levels of expertise outlined above, but I was certainly often able to pick up their thoughts and emotions and respond to them in the same way.

The Council insisted that we’d chosen to work more on those skills during this lifetime and that one of my major life purposes is:

“…helping younger children… teaching them about reaching for the feeling of understanding they are more than this physical body.”

Back to Dreams

Now let me share with you the portions I can remember of the dream I’d been having when I woke up this morning.

Once again I was teaching.  My co-worker was young and male, although I didn’t get a look at his face.  We were doing an important activity with a class of very small children.  It involved working virtually one-to-one with them.  This meant that those who had finished were free to play in a huge sandpit with bright plastic digger trucks and similar toys.

Sand toys

One child seemed unhappy with this.
I heard his companion say, “But we’ve got all these toys.”
“Yes, but I want to do some more of the work,” he complained.

I told my colleague we had to give these kids some attention.  He reminded me how important our ‘work’ was and insisted he was going to continue, so I devised some kind of electronic sheet (the technology – though familiar to me in the dream – has no counterpart in our world) that allowed the children to recap on the one-to-one activity they’d been doing.

I was beginning to wake up at this point – still dreaming but able to recall images and ideas and bring them back with me to this life.
“So where does the energy come from?” I heard my dream-self asking the group.
“Our HEARTS,” they chanted, cheerfully.

I was sufficiently removed from the dream by this point to be able to observe – and be amazed by – the diagram we’d created.  In the centre was a bright red heart.  It was surrounded by a torus of energy lines.
Other, differently-coloured lines flowed out from this into the Earth and in other directions.

Back to Reality?

Then I was awake – here.  I was recalling remarkably similar diagrams produced by the Heart Math Institute.  I was wondering about the technology I’d been using, and whether it related to quartz crystals in some way.  I was thinking how young those children had been, and yet how complex the work they’d been doing with us.

What I wasn’t wondering, though, was whether that was ‘real’.

It was.

On a different frequency, certainly, but just as real, whatever ‘real’ may be!