An Astral Envelope

Once again I’m working with my friend Will.

Our telepathic dialogues have extended to a deeper and more fascinating level than ever before.  He tells me that he is finding it so much easier to communicate now he is freed from having to use words (his ‘second language’), while I am finally trusting and accepting the messages from him without tying myself to dowsing them letter by letter over my computer keypad.  I do write down all I can in a notebook, though, doing the best I can at transcribing the ineffable into my first language so that I have a record of it.

One of the communication methods we’ve developed is to use ‘astral envelopes’.  They work roughly like this:  when he has huge concepts he wants to share with me, I’m told to yawn a few times, relax my body, close my eyes and wait.  After a few seconds I start to experience colours, shapes, images and feelings.  Sometimes I’m pulled gently in different directions.  Sometimes the whole thing plays out as a mind movie.  I just wait for whatever comes and then report back what I experience.  Will then helps me to put together the experiences from the ‘envelope’ to allow me to understand his message.  The one I’m sharing with you today took two long sessions to work through but was well worth the effort.

Here is what I initially wrote about my experience:

First I saw red – deep blood red – on a flat base low down.  Someone was picking at its surface or maybe digging into it.  Then the focus moved higher.  If the first part was at ground level this would have been on top of a hill.  Someone had a pole or similar and was placing it in first one direction, then another, trying to find the right or best place for it.  Next the scene moved up again, into the sky, maybe.  There was a cloud – very full – and it poured something on to the ground.  Not rain.  It was more like light or vibrations.  The whole thing was a sort of cycle.

Sometimes Will goes on to explain the images I have formed in my mind but on this occasion he wanted me to try to interpret it.  I had very little idea.  I suspected that the red base represented the human body, but couldn’t work out what the digging/picking was.  Here’s an extract from our telepathic conversation:

W: You’re right that it was a disturbance – preventing it from being flat.

J:   You mean it needs to be shaken up a bit?

W: In a way, but not exactly that.  The marks made on it are significant.

J:   Who makes the marks?

W: It can be anybody, but they have to be made or the life is wasted.

J:   As I reread it, the Buddhist term ‘samskara’ came into my head but I’m not sure what it means.  Something to do with scars?

W: If you got that term, it is your higher consciousness alerting you to the true meaning of the message.  Earthly experience makes these scars – mental and physical and emotional – that we need.  They become etched on to our Selves.

(I later looked up samskara and it is a very close match to Will’s explanation.)

I asked him about the next part of the scene.

W: Yes, that was at a higher level.  It is making the placement of the scars go the way they will be of maximum benefit.

J:   Like a puppet master controlling us?

W: Not controlling.  More overseeing the overall effect.  The overseeing guides allow us to make sense of the etchings.  Without that, they would be random scratches.  The poles/lines you saw them using turn the scratches into works of art.  They can work on this through people’s intuition, via channels or in dreams.  They orchestrate the life.

Finally I asked about the cloud at the highest level.  I saw it as divine light raining down and nourishing us.

W: Yes, you were at the level of Source there.  This is where the pains/scars are washed away once we have seen and understood the images they formed.  We do not need to take the scars with us into the rest of life/other lives if we have integrated the messages they give us.  We only hold them while they have something to tell us that we haven’t grasped.

After thanking him for the insights he had shared and somehow managed to transmit to me with such beauty and clarity, I had one more question.

J:   Will, how do you KNOW this stuff?

W: I don’t know how NOT to know it.  I just feel in touch with all the layers.  You are too, really.  You just don’t know that you are.

Many years ago I was a specialist teacher helping Will, as a little child, master verbal communication.  Now he is repaying me by teaching me his primary form of communication – the one he feels most comfortable with.  What a gift!

An Idiot’s Guide to Multi-Dimensional Living

English: Russian Dolls

I’ve shown what follows to a couple of trusted friends.  Both are spiritually aware, wise people with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of things esoteric and numinous.  However neither of them turned round and said, “Well didn’t you even know that?”  In fact they both appeared to find it as revealing and interesting as I did, so I feel brave enough to share it with you.

In my last-but-one post  (which you can read if you click on that blue writing) I spoke of the telepathic connection that has built up between a young friend and myself.  He had revealed that his breakdown a few years back was, in fact, a separation of his different subtle bodies, so that his physical body was functioning without what we might call his soul.

Now I’ve seen plenty of those diagrams of the subtle bodies – little human figures surrounded by different coloured body-shapes, like an x-ray of stacking Russian dolls.  I’ve also noticed that in just about every book and article, the number and names/functions of the bodies is different and the writers don’t explain where their information comes from.  I realised I’d never fully understood how these higher dimensions of ourselves worked or related to our everyday lives, so I decided to ask my telepathic friend.

There follows an extract from the conversation as I recorded it.  My words are in sentence case, while his responses are in capitals.  I should explain that the words I type in capitals are the ones my pendulum spells out, letter by letter, as I tune into his responses.  However as I become more adept at receiving, I find myself picking up a more expanded response from him – thought forms rather than simple words.  That explains why I sometimes answer my own questions.

I’d love to know what you make of this and whether the way it’s explained resonates with you.  (I personally love the reference to the etheric body as a kind of Sat Nav, providing us with guidance from on high!)


I guess that, at the level I’m accessing you, you know all about things esoteric, yes?


Good. So maybe you can explain to me about these other bodies we have. I’ve heard about them, but no two descriptions seem to agree on how many there are, or what they are for. Could you give me a brief idiot’s guide, please?


Yeah, I realise that, but please try. I tend to pick up wider meanings as you start to send word messages, so I’ll probably pick something up.


Great. Thanks. Are you able to tell me what it tracks, and who/what for, or is that getting too complicated?


Kind of spiritual GPS!   You’re amazing at this! Next?


Ok, so what’s the function of the astral?


I see. That makes sense. I mean not many people seem to consciously do astral travelling, so is that where we go in dreams, or what?


As in ‘gnosis’ or gestalt?


Right. That’s still lovely and clear. So the astral body connects to the…


Hmm. This one confuses me, because I always imagine it as being just the logical brain – the sort of Spock bit – yet it’s so far away from the physical, in these terms.


Ah, that’s a bit different, isn’t it? I’m picking up a creative thought, beyond the physical distractions and emotions – the thought that creates ‘reality’. Am I close?


Brilliant. I’m getting so much from this. So beyond the mental body is…


Ok. Now I’m confused again. How is that different from the Mental Body? Oh – as I typed that I picked up that this body is accessing thought from the higher/god self rather than so connected to the physical experience.   Did I get that from you?


Wow! So anything to add on that? Or what comes next?


Is that what is sometimes called the causal body?


That has been amazing.   Thanks so much. Out of interest, which part of you am I conversing with?


Which, I’m assuming, is where telepathy comes from.


Well that has been fascinating. Thank you for explaining so clearly.