The Truth is (not) Out There

Back in 2012 I wrote a book (Life: A Player’s Guide – still lurking in the musty vaults of Amazon somewhere, I think).  Near the beginning of it, I wrote these words:

My truth works very well for me, and it may well work for you, but please notice that I am not proclaiming it as THE truth.  I am perfectly comfortable with people holding different beliefs to me.  Once I start proclaiming that what I believe is ‘The Truth’, I move into the realms of fanaticism and religion; discrimination and wars.  It makes me right and other people wrong, and that is not a space I want to be in.

So I say instead, “I have found A truth.”

You are free to follow it, or search for one that works better for you.

I stand by that.  I think those were amongst the wisest words I ever wrote.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says ""A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us."" -St. Anthony the Great"The world today seems more factionalised and divided than it was back when I wrote those words, as we are confronted by issues no one can ignore.  This image and quote appeared on a social media post I saw this morning.  Perhaps you can guess the context or viewpoint of the person who posted it.

So OK, let’s take the Covid issue as a case in point – although we could just as easily select global warming or a host of other current issues.

Side A takes a particular stance.  Side B takes a very different stance.  Both sides seek out and pay an impressive array of experts, statisticians and graphic artists to emphasise their point.  There follows a stand-off with both sides spewing out endless media to support their ‘Truth’.

The problems come when the establishment espouses one of the two viewpoints, because once governments have decided which one they believe, they have (or borrow) vast amounts of money to hammer home their Truth as the only one.  This instantly galvanises a counter-establishment which becomes increasingly vocal in proclaiming its alternative Truth.

Once the establishment begins to legislate, the anti-establishment groups begin to unite in acts of protest and defiance.  The protestors and their attitudes vary from nation to nation, depending on their government’s policy.  So in Brazil, for example, they protest in their thousands against President Jair Bolsonaro’s refusal to acknowledge the dangers of what he termed ‘little flu’.  In much of Europe the protests are against vaccination and perceived infringements of liberties.  In the UK, we recently had an interesting situation in which freedom activists went ahead with Saturday marches to protest about being forced to wear masks in indoor public spaces, despite this directive having been repealed a couple of days before!  A shame to bin those carefully made placards, perhaps.

So yes, governments love legislating – it’s what they do.  And protestors love protesting – it’s what they do.

Nurse, Man, Male, Spray, MedicationNow, though, there is the vaccination issue.  Here the truths on every side become ever more woolly and difficult to prove.  Vaccination was a bone of contention long before Coronavirus reared its spiky little head.

The French government has decided to take a hard line – there the ‘health passport’ (proof of vaccination or negative covid test) is already in use in cinemas, tourist sites and nightclubs.  From the beginning of August this will be extended to bars, restaurants, cafés, some shopping malls as well as long distance train or bus services.   Other governments are watching with interest…

Meanwhile, on the other side, I was told yesterday of an elderly man who approached a friend of mine in great distress.  He is on one side of the vaccination debate and his wife is on the other.  He is double-jabbed.  She is not.  She has now told him he must stay away from her and her friends because of the danger he poses to them.  Her argument is that since he has been vaccinated, his DNA has been changed and he has been polluted to the point that he presents a hazard to herself and other ‘unpolluted’ citizens.

It’s a pity St Anthony the Great (apparently there are quite a few St Anthonys.  This one was a third century Egyptian.) did not choose to define either madness or indeed ‘men’.  To either side, if a truth is held to be absolute, those who disagree must be mad.

That’s why I prefer to hold my own truth and not to attempt to foist it on to others.

Once I was Brave

English: God Appears to Moses in Burning Bush....

I remember, very dimly, stories from Sunday School about Old Testament prophets.  The details are hazy, but there seemed to be several guys, just going about their daily, mundane, earthly existence when suddenly they were exposed to something totally weird.

God spake.

Sometimes there was a burning bush or some other phenomenon to underline the significance of the situation.  They downloaded a pile of information from this God, who then told them to go off and tell everyone what they’d just heard.  Most, if I recall correctly, were totally horrified.  Who can blame them?  It’s one thing to have a transcendent experience and channel information from Source, but quite another to have to go and share it with all and sundry.  Who would believe them?  How would others react?  They’d be on a fast track to ridicule at best; stoning at worst.  Not an enviable position to be placed in.

They have my sympathy.  Really – in bucket loads.  Because although I have not, thankfully, been accosted by voices from burning bushes or anything on that scale, I’ve had my share of, um, interesting and unusual experiences – and the temptation to keep these occurrences firmly to myself has been overwhelming.

Let’s take The Kid as an example.  He’s a real person.  I’m fairly sure he won’t be reading this, unless I email it to him, but a smattering of my regular readers have met him and could, if I asked them, attest to his reality. I’ll put down a few ‘facts’ (if I can use that word) about him and maybe you’ll see the dichotomy I face:

  • I met him as a pupil in my class when he was 6 years old
  • He fairly quickly informed me that he recalled a shared past life with me and that, by the way, he was telepathic
  • His mother died when he was 9
  • Two days before her death, she called me to her bedside and asked me to mentor him as he grew up
  • His father remarried a few years later
  • His mother contacted me from ‘beyond’ and warned me that there were huge problems brewing between him and his stepmother, and asked me to fight his corner

You see?  We’ve only gone a few years into this strange story and I’m ruffling feathers by claiming to have dabbled in spiritual mediumship.  Some will believe it – others won’t.  The whole of that story, by the way, can be found in an earlier post.  To me, each of the above facts is equally true.  Your opinion may be different.  I respect that.  However in my weaker moments, I fear your ridicule, just as those poor prophets did.

Shall I go on?  Should I tell of the time when The Kid was 15?  Might as well.


Anxious (Photo credit: Brian Auer)

I was sitting at my computer, preparing lessons for my class one Sunday afternoon.  Gradually I became aware that a very unpleasant feeling of deep anxiety was building in the pit of my stomach.  I couldn’t account for it.  Nothing was bothering me.  I had no particular concerns about the lessons, the class or anything else, but the sensation got steadily worse.  I went and checked that all my family were well and happy.  They were, but still the anxiety built.  It was becoming quite debilitating.

Then I remembered a couple of similar experiences several years earlier.  I recalled that The Kid had an uncanny ability to project his feelings to me.  That telepathy thing – it very occasionally worked both ways.

I phoned him.  He answered instantly.  His voice had a ‘what kept you so long?’ tone.  Maddening!  He told me he had to attend a work experience interview the next day and was very concerned about it.  He’d never attended an interview before.  Would I help him think of the sort of questions that might come up and how he should answer them, please?

I ran him through a mock interview.  The anxiety, of course, left both of us.  I also asked him why he hadn’t just phoned me, like any normal person.  He told me his way was ‘better’ and laughed.

I could tell many other stories involving this young man; many are equally strange.  In my previous post I told the latest, and strangest yet; one that stretches credibility to its very limits.  And it takes little more than a single sarcastic comment to send the coward in me scurrying for cover and wanting to shut up about the whole thing.


However, I have a problem with that.  Earlier in the year I was sent – from a source I deeply respect – a clear message that I should write the whole story of my encounters with The Kid.  I was told that it would be of great help and value to others and would be well received.  Bravely, I agreed.  I began drafting the manuscript.  Then the doubts crept in – masses of them.  Gradually the writing ceased and I swept the whole idea into a corner of my mind.  When the astral planes stuff started (see previous post), I was very glad I’d done so and congratulated myself on being pragmatic and sensible.  Nobody would believe that sort of thing.

Then I won the prize.


Just a harmless piece of fun – I entered an online draw for a psychic reading.   All I had to do was select my favourite colours.  Where was the harm in that?  These are extracts from the reading I was sent as my prize; a reading, incidentally that was peppered with many very true and relevant observations about various aspects of my life:

“I feel your name was drawn for a reason… This is a message you needed to receive…  I feel this refers to you being a great communicator… drawing upon this innate skill… get your message to others… Spread this knowledge to those willing to listen…Through speaking your truth you will find your message reaching others and helping them…”

Rats!  I think that meddlesome Higher Self or whatever is trying to tell me something.  Maybe I should start writing again before anything in the garden starts spontaneously combusting…

…and I need to get myself back to that brave place I was in when I agreed to tell the story – the place where I understand what ‘truth’ really is.

Someone out there is looking for truth

What a unique quest this person is embarking on.  What huge questions are forming in his (I think it’s a him, but it could be a her) mind.  This young searcher is in for quite a journey.

Perhaps a few musings will help.

English: Double-slit experiment Deutsch: Doppe...

English: Double-slit experiment Deutsch: Doppelspaltexperiment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Number 1:  If you’re not already familiar with it, watch Dr Quantum’s nice easy explanation of the famous double slit experiment.  Those are electrons he’s talking about.  Not just some weird geeky stuff in science labs, but the stuff inside the atoms that YOU are made of.

The important thing to notice is that those electrons are potential – they could fetch up behaving in various ways until (this is the important bit) they are observed.

Once they are looked at, the potential collapses into one single outcome.  Their path becomes fixed.

So it is with life.

Our young truth searcher is doing as we all do during adolescence – minutely observing every aspect of his being, thinking and doing; noting the behaviour and responses of everyone around him and searching the media, the neighbourhood and his own imagination for answers to the questions that haunt him.

“Which box do I fit in?  How should I be classified?  Am I autistic/ gay/ attractive/ overweight/ addicted…?”

Would he listen if I suggested he was all and none of these things?  He has limitless potential (well, within certain genetic parameters, obviously – he can’t choose to grow wings or a third leg) but as he observes, all that potential collapses down to become a yes or no answer.  His electrons enter this slit or that, rather than neither or both.


The young truth seeker I have in mind is specifically wondering whether he is on the autistic spectrum.  There are so many others – young people, parents and teachers asking that question.

There are, as he’s discovered, tests and questionnaires designed to observe the potential and categorise.  A precise diagnosis can be obtained.  Once he has it, he will have a clear list of his strengths and weaknesses.  To be honest, the diagnosis will most probably highlight the perceived weaknesses – the ways in which he can expect to differ from the neurotypical population.

Once he has his label, he will start to function within the box society has provided.  A kindly expert will confirm all his innermost doubts and fears about his socialisation skills, his obsessions and single-mindedness.  Perhaps he will feel somewhat comforted by this.  Perhaps he’ll feel limited and imprisoned.  Or both.

All is potential until the choice is made.

Your choices are like cart ruts on a muddy track.  The more you select that particular route, the deeper the ruts become, and the harder it is to vary your path and head in a different direction.  Certainly they make it easier to travel, but they limit you.  Before long, it will take a huge effort to climb out of your rut and negotiate a new direction.



Avatars (Photo credit: Phillie Casablanca)

Number 2:  You chose your avatar.  We all did.  In advance of commencing this particular attempt at playing The Game of life, we picked our character.  Some vaster aspect of ourselves, which we’ve almost forgotten in our intense concentration on the game we’re playing, selected the start location, the gene pool (parents), the prevailing zeitgeist and sundry other aspects that would make this little character scuttling around the planet into YOU.

If you selected a genetic predisposition for Aspergers, you did it because that was a potential you wished to explore.  Think of it like building a character for your favourite role player game on your console, and selecting a particular weapon or strength which will enable you to excel at particular challenges.

Sure, it’s easy for me to say.  I’m neurotypical.  I don’t do battle every second of my life with a sensory overload that would flatten a tank.  I don’t have to avoid eye-contact because I can see so much of you when I look into your eyes that I’m completely overwhelmed.  I don’t need ear plugs, sleep masks, alcohol or medication to calm my senses enough to make life almost bearable.  I don’t over-analyse every experience and consider the inherent dangers and pitfalls to the point that I’m holed up in my room, terrified to venture out.

I know.

Just remember, though, you chose this.

I’m not being callous here – nothing could be further from the truth.  You chose it because you are an amazing being.  You’re up for this.  You have chosen a very different way of experiencing life.  You can delve deeper into it than I ever will.  You will find truths that I can only dream of.


Number 3:  There is a growing number of you, and you are working – alone and collectively – at discovering multi-dimensional aspects of life, while somehow cramming yourselves into a 3D human body.

I believe – and I’ve been pondering this for many years – that you are working to find ways of communicating this to the rest of us, and helping humanity to expand.  The language you choose will depend on the strengths and potential you allow yourself.  Perhaps you will write, make films, use mathematics or telepathy.  All these and more are at your disposal.

Watch this: and you’ll begin to see what I mean.


My book coverNumber 4:  I wrote a book about this.  It might help.  It explores all the ideas here and then some, and I wrote it for you, young truth-seeker.  It only contains my truth, of course, which may be completely different to yours, but nonetheless, you may want to explore it.

Click on the book cover if you do.



I wish you success on your quest and I look forward to reading or watching your journey as it unfolds.

Accept Aspergers – or any other label that serves you – but never accept the limitations it tries to place on you.

By all means consult those experts, but NEVER let them collapse your potential.

It’s limitless, and so are you.