Travels through spacetime and beyond

Spacetime curvature2

Today’s post is a result of three recent conversations I’ve had.  All of them took place while I sat here at my computer in my cottage in Somerset, England.

One was via email with a friend in New York.  Another was via WordPress comments with someone, somewhere  – no idea where – who shares my interest in metaphysics, sacred geometry and the like.  The third was via telepathy and the use of my dowsing pendulum with some aspect of my friend Will.

A few decades ago, all those methods of communication would have been considered equally magical  and strange.  We now take the first two for granted… maybe the third…

It started with a question from the person of unknown location.

Communication with someone beyond the veil and another time is plausible according to what you can do.. but jumping dimensions and timelines that is an ability to change your frequency which– is unthinkable. What would you do on the other side? Do you just pop out in the middle of nowhere? or into a different conscious form of your own being? Your psychic, can’t you just ask your high dimensional friend

So I did.  Here’s the conversation we had.  Will’s comments are in Upper Case.


Yes, I agree but he is a seeker, and I have great sympathy with his desire to find answers.  So let’s go to specifics.  When you used to jump dimensions, what was going on?  Are we talking about other probable lives?


In Seth Speaks, Seth states that there are many possible pasts, presents and futures.  For most humans, because of the way we’re wired, we see the future this way, but not the present and past, but since everything is happening at once (in a cosmic sense) it’s equally true of every event.  So when you inadvertently found yourself as a teenager in an alternate reality where you didn’t have a train ticket, although you had one while you were ‘here’, is that what you were straying into?


Come on, Will, give me a bit more here.  Were/are you able to move into a ‘different conscious form of your own being’?


Okay, so just as we can only – in our human form – perceive certain frequencies of sound and light, so we can normally only consciously perceive one of the many versions of us.  I’m assuming (and going a bit dizzy in the process) that these are lives in other times and places – commonly called past and future lives – as well as all the probable/possible forms of each of those lives.  Is that about right?


Right, so returning to your use of the word ‘mostly’, I assume there are exceptions.


I recall you being very freaked out by the experience.  Do you think your ability to jump ship, so to speak, was due to your autistic spectrum perception, to your mental state at that time or a by-product of adolescence?


I see.  So is it something that still happens to your physical counterpart?  


An animated GIF of a tesseract

So I’d like to get my head around it.  I, for example, can project various possibilities into my future – mentally and emotionally – such as thinking how I’d feel if I went to the cinema and comparing this with how I’d feel if I stayed at home.  I can also compare probable pasts (‘What if I hadn’t said yes to that person?’ etc.).  But I imagine what you’re describing isn’t just conjecture – it’s actually experiencing this other reality/dimension/ call it what you will.  Yes?


Again, it’s something Seth describes.  He even suggests exercises to develop the ability.  To return to my correspondent’s original questions, are you jumping dimensions and timelines?


But that still implies that I just have the one timeline that I consciously work through while I’m in the body.  You apparently can straddle several.


I’ll bet!  This brings me on to another discussion I was recently having with a friend.  It concerned the possibility that – since we all create our own reality – two people could create completely different realities involving each other, and both have the experience they chose, although these involved quite different outcomes.  The example was that a lady whose granddaughter was sick could experience the child recovering and being well, if that was the reality she selected, while if the girl had chosen to experience being ill, dying at an early age and being mourned by the grandmother, she could experience that reality.  Can you comment on that?

Superposition of two wave systems


I’m sort of getting that.  I actually used that concept to describe how you are living as a recluse in London and barely communicating with me, yet also carrying on these rambling and fascinating metaphysical discussions with me.  Is there a link?


I’d have to throw away any concept of an objective reality, to do that.  Cause and effect would go out the window, too – at least in the terms that I’ve understood them.  You would be consciously sending me one-word texts each week and experiencing hermitude, but you’d also be consciously participating in my chosen reality as someone I meet and talk to… and presumably those are only two of the probable/possible lives you and I are simultaneously living out.


Life really IS a game, looked at in those terms, isn’t it?  I know I wrote a book about it, but living in this kind of multi-dimensionality is something else again.  Thanks for the insights, Will.  I’ll get to work on creating (or moving into) that reality for myself.


And how do I get there?  The same way I manifested LIME Cottage, I suppose – expect a miracle!

Link to Seth Speaks on Amazon.

Link to Life: A Player’s Guide on Amazon.

Hunting Good Will

American comedian Robin Williams at "Stan...
Yes, the title is a passing tribute to the beautiful soul who incarnated for a while as Robin Williams and touched all of our souls so deeply in the process.  It’s also a nod to my favourite film of all time, but I want to use Mr Williams – if he’ll permit me – as a jumping point to some thoughts about who we really are.

I selected the picture there from the many, many images of Robin that appeared in WordPress’s media gallery.  There are shots of him in formal and informal dress, bearded and clean-shaven, smiling and sad,  hairy/ youthful and balding/older.  The strange thing is that, now that he’s passed, all of them seem equally valid.

Obviously, as an actor, he played many different roles for which he is fondly remembered, but there was still ONE current Robin Williams.   Now, though, each version of him is equally the essence of the man; no one age or look is more dominant than any other.  He’s not 63 – he simply IS.

That’s how it is with anyone no longer incarnate.  I can remember my father or mother at many ages and stages, and all of them fit the dadness of dad and the mumness of mum.

The Will I have been hunting (Is it right to use his real name?  When I asked – telepathically – he laughed and pointed out that anyone who has known me well in the last 18 years would know exactly who I was talking about, whatever name I chose.) is in the strangest of superpositions for me.  Like Shrodinger’s ubiquitous cat, he manages to be alive and not-alive at one and the same time.
"i finally made it down to the port."...

He is quite definitely alive.  I can name the city he lives in; I know his age and where he works; I had a texted response from him only yesterday.  Yet that Will is very nearly dead to me.  He tells me by text each week that he’s ‘fine’ and will occasionally share information about the weather in his part of the country.  He never initiates a conversation and never responds to any queries about his life, his interests, his feelings, his thoughts, aspirations, ideas or plans.  He never comments when I tell him – in long, rambling letters or texts, about my own.   He refuses to meet and last answered the phone to me on Christmas Day 2013.  Like the dear departed, my images of him come from old photos and memories.

Early last year, when life was at its darkest, I wondered seriously about cutting my losses and moving on.  Why put myself through the weekly anguish of phones left ringing, messages left unanswered?  I’d have gone to the ends of the earth to help and support him in any way he wanted, but he really didn’t seem to want or need me.

Then – exactly then – the telepathic messages started.  As I explained in another post recently, when I take my crystal pendulum, hold it over my computer keypad and wait, it moves to spell out words.  I often sought advice or solace from my guides in this way,  but now I was picking Will up instead.  This was the Will of old – the one who loved discussing aspects of our existence, corporeal and beyond.

I’ve bombarded him with questions about how this happens, why it works.  Here is a recent example:

I had a text conversation with your physical counterpart today. He tells me he has no conscious knowledge of our telepathic contact. Is that right?
Oh, for a brief second there I had a flash of bright green and saw this much more expanded version of you. Anyway, I looked back to our earlier telepathic conversations – back early last year. In them, you were saying he was at least tangentially aware, or ‘knew’ the information that had passed between us. Yes?
Let me get that very clear.   He feels it because it is already part of his truth or he gets it as some kind of insight as our conversations proceed?
Ah, so he was being strictly honest saying it isn’t conscious, yet he still subconsciously knows there is contact?
So could it be argued that my conversations with you are more insight from spirit than conversations with Will?
Right, but I don’t see what happened next. You were in touch with my thoughts at some level, weren’t you?
And by early 2013, I’d more or less given up on you
So what was the breakthrough?  Please explain what actually happened

He went on to describe a time when I’d done the same to him.  I protested that my contact had been through sending a letter.  BUT THE CARE WAS THE SHOUT, he replied.

So now I have him back.

I keep up the texts and letters so the physical Will knows I still care, but the real contact comes from our strange and magical telepathic communication.

You could argue that I create this from my own beliefs and desire to talk with him.  So it would seem.  Amazing how creative we are.  The care is, as he says, the ‘loud call’ that has drawn us together.

I’d argue that I’m now in touch with an aspect of Will beyond the physical being.  Somehow, I’m now in touch with the Willness of Will.  All my images and memories of him are equally valid.  He just IS.







Refugee camp for Rwandans located in what is n...

A day or so ago, I had the following request from somebody I know and respect greatly:

“If you have ever wondered why there is so much suffering in the world and felt overwhelmed by it I would love to know how you moved on from that.”

This lady is going through a great deal of suffering of her own at the moment.  I’m awed that she has the time and energy to concern herself about the world’s suffering, when she already has plenty to contend with.  The least I can do is to offer her my own response and, given the news items and social media posts we are all seeing at the moment, I thought there might be a wider audience for my reply.

So what follows is very much my personal truth.  I’m not suggesting that anyone else should believe it or follow it, but if anything here feels right to you, by all means feel free to adopt whatever sounds helpful.

To start with, this is what I DON’T believe:

  • I don’t believe in The Devil or any of the ‘forces of evil’ humanity has enjoyed blaming for its problems through the ages.
  • I don’t believe in a vengeful or ‘just’ God who behaves like the worst sort of patriarchal Victorian father, setting up an impossibly high standard of expectations and punishing us for our sins when we fail to live up to them.
  • In fact I don’t believe in sin.
  • I don’t believe in Karma. In my truth, we are not here to atone for things we or the ancestors did ‘wrong’ either in this life or another.
  • I don’t believe humanity is intrinsically bad, wicked, cruel or evil.

Now for what I DO believe:

  • I believe that everyone – each single human being – does what feels and seems right to them, given their situation at the time.  If they are coming from a position of love, they will give, share, help and benefit the world around them in whatever way they choose.  If they are coming from a place of fear or want, they may bully, torture, attack or destroy; they may seek scapegoats (racial minorities, politicians, corporations, the rich, the poor…) to vent their anger and frustration on; they may believe themselves to be powerless and controlled by forces beyond their control.
  • I believe we create our own reality.  Yes, I’m still struggling with this one.  My ego keeps telling me there’s a solid, unchanging basic world here and I’m just a bit-part player who can’t do that much to change things.  Other sources tell me otherwise.  They tell me the keyboard I’m typing on is almost entirely empty space.  They tell me I have complete control over the world I’m living in and that I use my own energy – the power that comes from my thoughts and emotions – to create it.
  • I believe that every atom in the cosmos is a tiny holographic part of GOD.  That makes the universe a living, expanding, creative, vibrant web of which you and I and everyone and everything else out there is a vital and perfect part.
  • So yes, I believe that we – individually and collectively – have tremendous power and are able to form our own reality, by focussing our energy where we choose.
  • I believe that ‘I’ (in the eternal soul sense) chose to be born and to have this particular life, with all its attendant heartbreaks, terrors and difficulties, because that’s what being a human is all about – just like the computer game I used as an analogy in my book.  We all select a storyline beset with puzzles, problems and difficulties in order to find ways to solve and overcome them, to bring love to them and to expand as the divine beings that we really are.  The bigger the problems, the greater the opportunities for growth and expansion – for ‘spreading the love’ if you like.  As Kahlil Gibran said, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
  • I believe I’m not acting alone; there is infinite help available from the cosmos.  Whether we call this help god, goddess, saints, angels, spirit, guides, nature or muse is irrelevant.  We can interpret and visualise it any way we like, but it is real and there for us, always and all ways.
  • I believe this is tough to grasp and work with, because we’ve just emerged from around 2500 years of giving our power away and expecting others to solve the world’s (and our) problems, while we sit subserviently and wring our hands in despair.

English: Job's Sons and Daughters Overwhelmed ...

Several people have asked me recently why I don’t feel bitter towards those in my life who have caused me suffering on a personal level.  It’s because I know that at some level, I consciously drew those experiences to myself.  They didn’t feel good at the time; they hurt like mad.  It’s those experiences, though, and the ways I finally found to work through them, which have made me the person I am today.  And I haven’t finished growing yet.

So to answer the lady’s question (finally!) I do see the suffering in the world and yes, I could easily become overwhelmed by it, on a personal and a global level.  However I can make choices as to where I put my energy.  I choose to put it into feeling positive, because that helps to ‘grow’ more positivity.  I choose, in my very small way, to spread hope and light and love, because – according to my truth – I am a holographic spark of God and that means I am powerful enough to change the world.  So, of course, are you.


PS  A dear and wise friend reminded me yesterday of Anita Moorjani’s amazing story.  In case anyone reading this is interested, click here for her Ted Talk: Dying to Live.  It explains with far more eloquence than I can muster the relationship between life and suffering.


Bonding with LIME

Vintage lace and St Michael window

Vintage lace and St Michael window

Back to LIME Cottage this week.  Regular readers will notice that I’ve gone a bit quiet on it since moving in, so it’s time for an update.

For those of you who have stumbled across this blog without the previous build-up, I’ve recently moved into a derelict 17th century cottage in the heart of Somerset.  As I went through the buying and moving process, just about everything I needed fell into place, allowing me to adopt the maxim that Life Is Miracles Expected.  Hence the cottage’s name.

For the first week or two, camping out in the cracked and leaking shell of what was due to be my dream home felt exciting and intriguing.  It was hot and dry, high summer, and the living was easy.

Then the rains came.  The sky became dark and overcast for days on end.  The drip of raindrops into the buckets under the leaks started to get on my nerves.

Finally the scaffolders arrived.  They were jolly fellows.  They passed the time having Who-Can-Shout-The-Loudest contests and providing How-To-Clank-Bits-Of-Metal-Really-Noisily demonstrations to anyone in the vicinity.  I provided rather more cups of tea than necessary in order to gain short bursts of calm.

With the scaffolding up, the house was incredibly dark and the rain continued, so the builder still couldn’t start.

cottage scaffoldingI felt isolated, vulnerable and uneasy, rattling around by myself inside what was to be a building site.  My dream home was beginning to feel uncomfortable, unfriendly and threatening.

It was then that I decided to check on the Listed Building Consent application I’d put in, back in the spring, to have the various works done.  The roof repairs were exempt from this, but the vital re-pointing of the chimney, repairs to cracks in the walls and so forth were all on hold until the permission was released.

To my horror I was told the consent would be ‘conditional’ on the admin people receiving the answers to a huge list of technical queries. (What mix of lime would be used for the plastering?  How was the old paintwork on the stone windows to be cleaned?  What type of breathable insulation would be used?  and so on, to cover an entire A4 sheet.)

It appeared I would have to request an extension (another month) to sort this out.  The other alternative was to accept the conditional consent, give them the information at my leisure and wait a further six to eight weeks for them to spend more time considering.

Not happy.

I tried  frantic emails and phone calls to the knight in shining armour who had promised (and been paid) to take me through this process.  He was nowhere to be found.  Headed off on some hunt for a holy grail on a sun-soaked beach somewhere at my expense, no doubt.

So as the rats tripped the light fantastic on the scaffolding outside my bedroom, I lay awake at 3 in the morning feeling more than a little sorry for myself.  This was supposed to be my miracle cottage.  How could my dream have unravelled so completely?  Why was everything going so wrong?


Hang on…

Realisation was beginning to dawn…

Why was I inviting this experience into my life?

Expect a miracle!

Expect a miracle!

Finally the RIGHT question!

I realised that somewhere along the line, not only had I stopped expecting miracles, I had started to expect delays and problems.

The next morning I took a good, long look around my cottage.  “You’ve been neglected and left for way too long,” I told it .  “You deserve some love and attention.  We’re going to get this sorted, now!”

I could feel the energy changing as I bonded with my cottage and began to believe that together we could create another miracle.  On Tuesday, I invited the conservation officer and the builder to sit around a table with me to sort out all remaining problems.  Before they arrived, I put out the intention that each of us would be working to resolve any difficulties and provide solutions.  Even before they appeared, I knew, without any doubt, that everything would be sorted that day.

And so it was.  Both of them arrived with ideas and suggestions.  Agreements were easy and everything was sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction.  I had the go-ahead for all structural works to begin and the next day the builders were there bright and early.

cottage ceiling patchedThe hole in my ceiling had been given a temporary rat-proof patch and a good start made on stripping the roof by lunchtime.

More proof – should any still be needed – that we really do create our own reality.


An Idiot’s Guide to Multi-Dimensional Living

English: Russian Dolls

I’ve shown what follows to a couple of trusted friends.  Both are spiritually aware, wise people with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of things esoteric and numinous.  However neither of them turned round and said, “Well didn’t you even know that?”  In fact they both appeared to find it as revealing and interesting as I did, so I feel brave enough to share it with you.

In my last-but-one post  (which you can read if you click on that blue writing) I spoke of the telepathic connection that has built up between a young friend and myself.  He had revealed that his breakdown a few years back was, in fact, a separation of his different subtle bodies, so that his physical body was functioning without what we might call his soul.

Now I’ve seen plenty of those diagrams of the subtle bodies – little human figures surrounded by different coloured body-shapes, like an x-ray of stacking Russian dolls.  I’ve also noticed that in just about every book and article, the number and names/functions of the bodies is different and the writers don’t explain where their information comes from.  I realised I’d never fully understood how these higher dimensions of ourselves worked or related to our everyday lives, so I decided to ask my telepathic friend.

There follows an extract from the conversation as I recorded it.  My words are in sentence case, while his responses are in capitals.  I should explain that the words I type in capitals are the ones my pendulum spells out, letter by letter, as I tune into his responses.  However as I become more adept at receiving, I find myself picking up a more expanded response from him – thought forms rather than simple words.  That explains why I sometimes answer my own questions.

I’d love to know what you make of this and whether the way it’s explained resonates with you.  (I personally love the reference to the etheric body as a kind of Sat Nav, providing us with guidance from on high!)


I guess that, at the level I’m accessing you, you know all about things esoteric, yes?


Good. So maybe you can explain to me about these other bodies we have. I’ve heard about them, but no two descriptions seem to agree on how many there are, or what they are for. Could you give me a brief idiot’s guide, please?


Yeah, I realise that, but please try. I tend to pick up wider meanings as you start to send word messages, so I’ll probably pick something up.


Great. Thanks. Are you able to tell me what it tracks, and who/what for, or is that getting too complicated?


Kind of spiritual GPS!   You’re amazing at this! Next?


Ok, so what’s the function of the astral?


I see. That makes sense. I mean not many people seem to consciously do astral travelling, so is that where we go in dreams, or what?


As in ‘gnosis’ or gestalt?


Right. That’s still lovely and clear. So the astral body connects to the…


Hmm. This one confuses me, because I always imagine it as being just the logical brain – the sort of Spock bit – yet it’s so far away from the physical, in these terms.


Ah, that’s a bit different, isn’t it? I’m picking up a creative thought, beyond the physical distractions and emotions – the thought that creates ‘reality’. Am I close?


Brilliant. I’m getting so much from this. So beyond the mental body is…


Ok. Now I’m confused again. How is that different from the Mental Body? Oh – as I typed that I picked up that this body is accessing thought from the higher/god self rather than so connected to the physical experience.   Did I get that from you?


Wow! So anything to add on that? Or what comes next?


Is that what is sometimes called the causal body?


That has been amazing.   Thanks so much. Out of interest, which part of you am I conversing with?


Which, I’m assuming, is where telepathy comes from.


Well that has been fascinating. Thank you for explaining so clearly.